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Set Up A Comfortable Stay For Your Seniors At Home

Set Up A Comfortable Stay For Your Seniors At Home

Prevent an aching back from getting worse by repurposing some of your old furniture into ergonomic pieces that will help with lower back pains so you can have a more comfortable environment for your homebound senior loved one.

Create Makeshift Ergonomic Furniture

Your senior loved one may have a favorite couch or chair where they like to spend their quiet times at home. Make this favored possession a user-friendly piece so that your loved one can spend more time being comfortably seated in their treasured piece of furniture. Having an ergonomic piece does not necessarily mean you have to redesign it, it can simply be better by adding a soft pillow that can give enough back support as they sit down and get back up. Having this added cushion helps their posture and promotes good blood circulation.

Open Some Windows

Let the sunshine in and let the fresh breeze take over the house as it gushes through from one side to another. Having fresh air pass through the house allows a senior to inhale new air that is free from any indoor dust and pollution – which can be more toxic than outside air. Deeply inhaling fresh air helps bring good oxygen levels to the brain and aids in giving better energy for the body. Having enough sunlight in warms their skin and bodies and even gives them a good dose of vitamin D for the day. Through our companionship and Personal Care Services in Scottsdale, Arizona, we can also take your senior loved ones out for a walk so they can breathe in more fresh air and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

Add Greenery Indoors

Bring nature into the homes of senior individuals to create a relaxing environment for them, and let the indoor plants add more color to their homes. Be sure to choose indoor plants that have air-cleansing qualities to stimulate better health at home, like:

  • Snake Plants – cleans the air; low maintenance needed
  • Lavender – promotes good sleep quality; does not like too much moisture
  • Gerberas – colorful and mood boosting; also helps eliminate benzene in the air
  • Bamboo Palm – eliminates formaldehyde and benzene levels in the air
  • Chinese Evergreen – helps keep air quality at home healthy; plant can be toxic to pets

With the love and support of families and through the loving hands of our Caregivers in Arizona, together, we can all renew the comfort experience of homebound seniors.

Discover simple senior home comforts when you get in touch with Home With Help.

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